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Window Installation Denver CODenver is a very large city with a variable climate. From freezing winters to hot summers, Denver’s climate encourages residents to invest in energy efficient window installation for their homes. Whether you’re looking to keep your home cool or toasty, your new window installation will ensure that your home is always comfortable.

Beyond energy efficiency, there are popular styles that Denver homeowners choose when they replace their windows. If you’re a Denver homeowner, consider the following popular styles for your next window installation project:

  • Double hung windows are a classic choice for homeowners in Denver. Not only are they the most classic style of window, they also are durable and efficient
  • Bay windows are yet another popular window installation choice in Denver. Bay windows add extra space to your living area and brighten up your home.
  • Picture windows are another great option to make your room feel larger. With the beautiful views of mountains and nature surrounding the city of Denver, picture windows are perfect for capturing Denver’s natural beauty and framing it inside your home.
  • Garden windows are another popular window installation option, especially for those who have a green thumb. Harsh winters keep Denver residents cooped up for several months during the year, and garden windows can help keep your spring gardening hobby alive.
  • Sliding windows are perfect for when springtime rolls around. The sliding window can open wider than any other window and let plenty of spring and summer air into your home.

Now that you know a few popular styles for your window installation project, consider upgrading to one of our energy efficient window packages from Universal Windows Direct. Our most popular option is the UniShield® Plus, featuring two panes of glass with Argon gas and a double coat of low-e glazing.

If you’re really looking to get the biggest bang for your buck for your window installation, consider our UniShield ® Premium glass package. You’ll get the energy efficient features of the Plus package with an additional third pane of glass, which is perfect for blocking out noise and staying warm during those chilly Denver nights.

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