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Window Installation Aurora COIf you’re a homeowner considering window installation in Aurora, Colorado, you might be confused on energy saving terminology in the industry. Although there are different packages and features to consider for your replacement window installation, they all have one overall goal—to save homeowners more energy and money.

Before your window installation project begins, here is what you’ll need to know in terms of energy saving features for your new windows:

  • Energy Star is a government-backed program that rates appliances, such as replacement windows, in terms of how efficient they are for the environment. The most energy efficient replacement windows, such as those offered by Universal Windows Direct, have an Energy Star rating to symbolize maximum efficiency.
  • Argon and Krypton are two energy efficient gases that are inserted between two panes of glass. The concept of Argon and Krypton gasses is to enhance your window installation with extra thermal efficiency. Krypton is a denser gas than Argon and will benefit any window installation project in Aurora.
  • Low-e glazing is an invisible coating that is applied to replacement windows in order to reflect infrared light, and prevents your home from heating up like an oven.
  • Double pane windows are the next step up from single pane windows—they consist of two panes of glass to protect against drafts and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Some double panes will have Argon or Krypton gas between the panes, such as those in the Universal Window Direct’s UniShield® Plus package.
  • Triple pane windows are the epitome of energy efficiency for the home. The third pane of glass adds sound blocking technology and provides another layer for Argon or Krypton gasses, as well as low-e glazing. You can experience the power of this replacement window configuration with Universal Window Direct’s UniShield® Premium and UniShield® Supreme.

Energy saving features and premium glass packages are the best way to get the most out of your window installation in Aurora, Colorado. Keep in mind that your windows will only be effective for energy savings if they are correctly installed. To ensure that you’re getting the true window installation masters of Aurora, Colorado, contact Universal Windows Direct at 303-373-4236.

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