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Outdated Windows

Another winter is fast approaching here in Denver, and snowfall has even made its way through the Rockies. Colorado is known for its cold weather and snowfall, and energy efficient windows are one of the keys to keeping energy bills low during the winter.

Replacing your windows is often a significant expense, and sometimes it’s just easier to put off the project until next year—or the year after that. However, if your windows are truly underperforming and outdated, neglecting this issue can cost you even more money in the long run.

Outdated Windows Cause Significant Energy Loss

If you think that old windows can’t possibly impact your energy bills that much, think again. Windows are one of the biggest source of heat and energy loss in the home, and you might be surprised at how much money you are losing. According to The National Fenestration Council, the average homeowner spends $1,500-$2,000 on energy bills. It’s estimated that 45 percent of this amount is spent on heating and cooling.

This energy loss leads to billions of dollars in lost energy every year. In fact, the NFC states that over $30 billion is lost every year due to outdated windows.

Old Windows Make Your Home Uncomfortable

As if spending a small fortune on your gas or electric bill isn’t bad enough, how about feeling cold and uncomfortable at the same time? As energy makes its way out of your windows and your energy bills skyrocket, you’ll find yourself wrapped in a pile of blankets waiting for springtime to arrive.

Seeing that it’s only December, we still have a long time to go until you’ll find a little bit of a relief from the cold. Until then, you’ll need to resort to blankets and perhaps a wood burning fireplace to keep your home toasty.

New Home Windows Help You Beat the Cold

New Home Windows Admittedly, there are a few DIY approaches you can take to make your home warmer this winter. You can add caulking to your windows and doors to block out drafts during the coldest Denver days. You can also invest in thermal curtains to reduce drafts even further and keep yourself a little warmer.

However, the is truly only one way to stay warmer while keeping energy contained in the home: replacing your outdated windows. This is especially the case if you’re dealing with single pane windows, which are notorious for energy loss due to their age.

By upgrading from single to dual or triple pane windows, Denver homeowners can save as much as $465 per year on their utility bills. Get ready to feel warmer and keep more money in your wallet this holiday season with new windows from Universal Windows Direct.

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