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Windows For Winter

It’s no secret that winter in Denver can be a real doozy. With an average January low of 17 degrees Fahrenheit and an average snowfall of 7.7 inches, it’s important that you prepare your home to maximize efficiency and save as much energy as possible.

The good news is that the weather is still mild here in Colorado, which makes it perfect for you to tend to various home maintenance tasks. Here are the top ways that you can prepare your home for winter before the first snowflake hits the ground:

Inspect Your Windows:

Outdated windows are one of the biggest points of energy loss in the home. With this in mind, inspecting your windows for air leaks and other damage is critical to your home’s efficiency this winter. If your windows are leaking air, you can temporarily remedy the situation with caulking to help reinforce the seal. You can also add shrink plastic as an extra layer of protection.

However, as we mentioned, these are temporary fixes. In an ideal world, you’d replace your windows before the weather turns too cold. This will help maximize your energy savings and keep your home warm.

Look for Daylight Around Your Door:

Take a close look at your entry door. Can you see daylight peaking in around the frames? If daylight can make its way into your home through the door frame, you better believe that cold air can easily make an entrance.

If you’re living with an inefficient door, new weather stripping and caulking can help improve its performance. But if your door is very worn and outdated, you’re better off in the long run to think about replacement. A new door will create an airtight seal and block out unwanted drafts.

Inspect and Clean Your Gutters:

Once winter officially arrives, ice dams can become a real concern. Ice dams can form on your gutters and put a large amount of weight on the gutter system, which can ultimately impact your roof and foundation.

Stay a step ahead of the ice dams and clean out your gutters as soon as possible. Use a sturdy ladder, protective gloves, and even goggles. Scoop out debris with your hands and use a garden hose to wash away excess debris.

Make Haste with Your Roof:

New Roof If you think that you may need a new roof, now is not the time to delay. It’s much easier to replace your roofing system in the fall than when winter strikes with massive snowfall. If you have questions about replacing your roofing system before winter, contact Universal Windows Direct to discuss your options.

We hope that you have a safe and warm winter season. Get in touch with Universal Windows Direct if we can make your home a more efficient place to live.

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