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Mix and Match Window Styles

Installing new windows is an exciting time to transform your home from the inside out. From energy savings to boosting curb appeal, new window installation has all kinds of benefits for your Denver home. For those homeowners who want to get creative with their selection of new windows, you’re in luck. It’s fun and easy to mix and match window styles regardless of your home’s architecture. This brief guide will help you determine the best window style combinations for your home:

1. Keep it Traditional

One of the important things to keep in mind when mixing and matching window styles is theme. While Victorian homes can get away with an eclectic mix of home windows styles, many other architectures need a theme to keep your curb appeal seamless and appealing.

For example, homes such as Colonial and Cape Cod fall under the traditional architecture style. There are many windows that you can choose for these homes that will enhance its exterior. You can consider double hung windows with grids to achieve a timeless look. Bay and bow windows are also excellent choices for traditional style homes.

2. Think Contemporary

Contemporary is a very modern home style, which works best with windows that have clean line and asymmetrical design. Windows that feature prairie glass often look fantastic on contemporary homes.

In terms of style, sliding and casement windows are two of the best options. Slider windows open horizontally on a rolling track, and casement windows open with a crank out handle. These windows provide a clear view of the outdoors and truly boost your contemporary home’s curb appeal.

3. Try Unexpected

If you happen to live in a Victorian home, you have a large variety of window styles to choose from. Specialty shaped and geometric windows are often a complementary choice for these homes. However, Victorians also feature double hung windows, bay or bow windows, and transom windows.

The beauty of installing windows in a Victorian home is that you have a lot of freedom to mix and match a variety of replacement window styles.

4. Don’t Forget Your Entry Door

Steel Entry Door While windows play a big role in your home’s curb appeal, you don’t want to forget blending your entry door with the style of your new windows.

When it comes to choosing a new front door, you’ll need to keep with the theme of your architecture and windows. For example, traditional entry doors are typically made of fiberglass with a wood stain finish. A contemporary home may feature a steel front door with a timeless look.

No matter how you want to mix and match your windows, Universal Windows Direct can help you pick the perfect window combination for your home. Contact us for a free estimate.

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