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Old Style Home

Whether you’re restoring the gorgeous old home of your dreams or you are desperate to make a run down old monstrosity look decent again, there are several easy ways to add charm and character to an older home. With a little thought and creativity, your long-forgotten home can be brought back to life and become the talk to the town once more.

Step 1: Do Some Research

Cape Cod Style Home Do you live in an expansive historic colonial? An exotic Italian Villa from the 1930s? A cozy Cape Cod from the turn of the century? Take a moment to research the style and age of your home for inspiration. Perhaps wainscoting was all the rage when your home was built, or textured ceilings, or stained glass windows. Pay attention to the furniture and décor of the era and get a real feel for the style and elegance that is unique to your old home.

It’s important to zero in on your target and know exactly the type of look you want for your restoration, a mishmash of styles and eras can lead your project off track.

Step 2: Inventory Your Home

Is the ornate crown molding still intact? Are there wood floors hiding under the carpet? Could that claw foot bathtub be restored? See what treasures are already available in the home, just waiting to be polished back to brilliance.

Step 3: Hit the Antique Stores and Thrift Shops

Antique stores are the easiest way to find already restored pieces in the exact style that you need. If you want to save money, scan the thrift stores for old sturdy pieces of furniture that can be painted or re-stained. Watch estate sales for antique style sofas that are in immaculate condition—the perfect piece could be hiding anywhere.

Step 4: It’s All in the Details

Old home charm doesn’t need to involve a massive renovation. It’s easy to add a touch of class and nostalgia in subtle ways. Change out your modern kitchen cupboard knobs with antique style pulls. Switch out your boring flat lighting fixture with a chandelier or lantern style lighting. The simplest changes can seamlessly merge your modern style with classic old home elegance.

Step 5: Don’t Forget the Exterior

Don’t forget your theme when designing the exterior of your home. A modern composite deck might be beautiful, but consider the charm a brick patio could lend to an older home. Play with the idea of a cobblestone drive instead of jumping right to concrete. Carry a bit of your home’s style into all of your updates to instantly boost the curb appeal of your gorgeous old home.

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