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Victorian House

The Victorian is a beautiful and eclectic home style that can be found throughout Denver and other areas of Colorado. Victorian homes have an extensive history that dates all the way back to the mid-1800s to early 1900s, during the time that Queen Victoria ruled England.

While Victorians may not be the perfect fit for every homeowner, there is simply no denying their beauty, interesting architecture, and majestic curb appeal. There are several types of Victorian homes that you’ll find around Denver, including:

  • Richardsonian Romanesque
  • 1880 Victorian: Second Empire
  • 1885 Victorian: Eastlake
  • 1889 Victorian: Shingle
  • Victorian: Folk
  • 1902 Late Victorian

Identifying a Victorian Home:

If you’re unfamiliar with the style of a Victorian home, there are several key characteristics that you’ll find with this architecture. Many people picture a home that looks like a doll house when they think of a Victorian. These homes are quite unique in appearance, and their qualities include:

  • Two to three stories: Victorian homes are typically quite large, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find these homes with fewer than two stories.
  • Wood exterior: Older Victorian homes typically have wood exterior. However, you may find Victorians that have been upgraded with vinyl siding for more durability.
  • Intricate details: One of the most interesting characteristics of Victorian homes is its detailed woodwork. You’ll find many intricate details in a Victorian home, including hand-carved handrails, siding scallops, and window frames.
  • Variety of window styles: While many homes typically contain 2-3 window styles, you can find 5 or more in some Victorian homes. This is another key feature of a Victorian, and one of the reasons why it’s such an interesting home style choice.

Defining Window Styles for Victorian Homes:

Victorian Home Windows Homes from the Victorian era boast an eclectic mix of home windows. Here are the most popular window styles for this architecture:

  • Raised Eyebrows: Eyebrow windows, also known as dormer windows, are a popular window in Victorian homes. These windows give the appearance of a small eye-shaped window poking out of the rooftop.
  • Geometric windows: Windows in Victorian homes are all different shapes and sizes. It’s very common to find geometric windows in Victorian homes, including circle windows, oval windows, and even octagon windows.
  • Bay windows: Bay windows add an extra level of character to the curb appeal of Victorians. These windows are large and made with two to three windows.
  • Strips of identical windows: It’s also very common to find rows of identical windows side-by-side, such as casement windows or double hung windows.

Universal Windows Direct offers various styles of home windows that will perfectly complement your Victorian home. Contact us today to make your home more efficient while maintaining its original Victorian charm.

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