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Are you a lover of abstract art, clean lines, and minimal accessories? If so, there’s a good chance that you have contemporary taste in home design. According to HGTV, contemporary home design technically encompasses a range of styles through the 20th century. Creating a contemporary look with fabrics, furniture, and artwork is easy enough—but choosing windows to complement this style is another ballgame.

One of the key elements of contemporary home design is natural light. Many contemporary home feature numerous windows that are often quite large. These windows surely make a statement, but they also filter plenty of natural light through the home.

When it comes to choosing contemporary windows for the home, there are certain styles that work better than others. This guide can help you choose the best windows to perfectly complement your contemporary home and décor:

1. Slider Windows

Slider windows are possibly the most contemporary-looking windows on the market. These windows can be custom made in a variety of sizes, and they’re especially a great choice when you’re looking to add a large window to your home. Sliders have a very clean appearance and typically don’t include grids—the idea is to achieve a streamlined look without obstructing views of the outdoors.

The other advantage of slider windows is their ability to easily open and let in fresh air. Brass rollers make these windows operate as smooth as butter, and open with a touch of a fingertip.

2. Picture Windows

Picture windows are another excellent choice for contemporary homes. These windows provide an entirely clean appearance, as they have no operable parts. Picture windows can really enhance your contemporary home, and they’re perfect when you’re installing very large windows. Many contemporary homes feature picture windows, and it’s a safe choice when you’re looking to complement this design.

3. Awning Windows

Awning windows add interest to a contemporary home, but they still blend in with the design. These windows are typically rectangular and are hinged at the top. These windows are often stacked, combined in groups, or even paired with picture windows for ventilation. If you want large, sweeping views of the outdoors but still crave fresh air, you can add a few awning windows to your contemporary home without compromising its design.

4. Sliding Glass Doors

Keep in mind that contemporary design isn’t all about the windows—it includes doors, too. Sliding glass doors are the perfect way to top off your home’s complementary design. The best part is that these doors will give you convenient access to a patio or entertainment area, which is another key feature of contemporary design.

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